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Magic In Your Library

Share the magic in your library!

The PR team for Conference 2023 is looking for stories of the magic happening in your library. We want to share on our social media outlets the great things NC School Librarians are doing in our libraries. 

But we need your help for that. Please consider submitting a photo or video that showcases your and/or your library's magic. It can be small magic, big magic, or anything in between. 

An example of this in my library is my aquarium. It has one fish and one snail. And that snail is a small magic. Students have named it all kinds of things, but whatever they name it makes it personal to them. Some students come in just to say hi to the snail. Some students say hi to the snail before they say hi to me. This small thing that I provided means a lot to them and helps make them feel more comfortable in the library.  

We will be taking these submissions until September 30, 2023. Our goal is to publish every submission. With almost 2000 members, we really hope to be overwhelmed with stories. :-)

Thank you for reading this and for letting us share the magic you are doing.

Check out the magic that's happening in our school libraries in North Carolina!

Dana Lowery, Librarian at Watauga High School
I have been a librarian for over 15 years and have hosted ComicCons since 2018. I love reminding my students and the community of the importance of graphic novels on a regular basis. My vision has always been and will continue to be that we celebrate an audience of students that are sometimes overlooked. I moved to Watauga County (Boone) last year and brought ComicCon to the community. This free event is open to more than just the students of Watauga High School, it is also an open invitation to the community to celebrate reading.
This event known as MountainCon offers free booths to vendors to bring their items and sell and is free admission for all who attend. Last year I had over 547 people attend and 37 vendors. This year we hope to have even more. The details of this year's event is:
MountainCon 2023
Date of the event: March 11, 2023
Location: Watauga High School, Boone, North Carolina
Address: 300 Go Pioneers Dr, Boone, NC 28607
Contact: Dana Lowery,
Participation fee: Free
We have a really great costume contest and I am super excited about a paranormal podcast that will be broadcast live at MountainCon!
Here is coverage from last year's event:

Susan Ringo, Librarian at West Wilkes Middle School
I started a "No Questions Asked" school supply station. All students can get what they need without having to worry about stigma or embarrassment. To me, the success has been that all the kids get stuff and it's not a charity. The only policing I do is to make sure it is stocked.

Kristy Sartain, Librarian, EE Smith High School in Cumberland County

Something I have strived for in every library I've worked in is having comfortable seating. Those old wooden chairs just do not make for a welcoming environment. I am fortunate that my Principal understands my vision and has allowed me to add couches so students can work in comfort while they're in the library. I was VERY lucky to get these couches for free and having them is making a difference in students' attitudes about the library. Students race in to be the first person on them or to throw their backpack on them to save their space. One student named "his spot" and it is now known as "The Bueno Couch".

Be sure to follow Kristy for more magical moments in the library: 
Twitter - @getyourdorkon, Instagram - @kristyisalibrarian