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Our Mission

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Our Vision

Transforming school communities.

NCSLMA offers numerous opportunities to get involved.
Positions are considered open as long as they are posted.

Updated 2/26/23

Feel free to view the NCSLMA Handbook to view specific job duties and committee functions. 

Treasurer - You would be responsible for helping to maintain the financial health of NCSLMA. You will balance the checking accounts, ensure checks are deposited promptly, manage the budget each year, and offer guidance on all spending. You will work closely with the Presidential Team. Contact Jennifer Abel for more information. 

Membership Director (term ends Dec. 2024) - You would be responsible for answering membership questions, merging accounts, helping with events, and helping run our membership drive promotion. Contact Jenny Umbarger for more information.

Website Director (term ends Dec. 2023) - You would be responsible for maintaining the website, creating pages as needed, ensuring the website is ADA compliant, and working with other Board members to train them on the website. Expected time commitment is 2-5 hours per week after training period. Contact Kristy Sartain for more information.  

National Boards Coordinator - You would help build and maintain a mentor program to help connect NC School Librarians who want to earn their NBC with other NC School Librarians who already have theirs. Contact Faith Huff for more information. 

NCSLMA Store Coordinator - You would be responsible for updating the NCSLMA store and adding items, logos, and designs as needed. You will help advertise sales. Contact Kristy Sartain for more information. 

BOB Committees - Our BOB committees at all levels are usually looking for volunteers. We need at least one from each region for each level.  If you are interested, please contact the following:
Book Program Director - Stacy Hersey

Advocacy Committees - We have three groups that fall under Advocacy (Advocacy, Legislative, Intellectual Freedom). If you are interested in joining one of these, please contact the following:
Advocacy & Governance Director - Lucy Wilcox
Advocacy - Robyn Register
Legislative - Michelle Green
Intellectual Freedom - April Dawkins


NCSLMA is a professional organization dedicated to supporting, promoting, and empowering school librarians across the state as they transform their school communities.


Membership is $50 per year and comes with numerous benefits and professional development opportunities. 
Join or learn more here. 


Mailing address:
151 NC Highway 9 Suite B #188
Black Mountain, NC 28711

Meet the Board


We provide various ways to connect with librarians across the state. 
Connect here or via social media.

NCSLMA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization (2023 W9)

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